How much does brochure design cost?

How much does a logo cost?
December 4, 2017

Brochures are marketing tools that support a company’s brand, convey its message to its customers, and help sell products or services. Two factors determine how much a brochure design costs: what type of brochure it is and what type of designer you choose. The simpler the brochure is, the less it will cost. The more graphic work (creating graphics, charts, and graphs) there is, the more it will cost. The more professional the designer you choose is, the more it will cost. The cost of a professionally designed brochure depends on factors such as where the designer is located and his or her level of experience, the size and complexity of the brochure, and the number of colors and revisions. However, printed brochures can easily be adapted for online use on your website, which provides a cost savings.

Types of brochures range from a single-sided (one page) flyer to a double-sided presentation folder with inside pockets, including the pages that will be inserted into the folder (corporate presentation folder). Other types of brochures are: bi-fold (where the flyer is folded in half), tri-fold (where the flyer is folded in thirds), and booklet. Choose the type of brochure based on its purpose. If the brochure is for mass distribution for outreach to new customers, a single-sided flyer or bi-fold may be appropriate. If the brochure is used as a detailed sales tool, a corporate presentation folder is probably most appropriate. For a catalogue or a brochure containing a very large amount of information, a bound booklet may be necessary.

Designer choices include do-it-yourself free online templates, outsourcing websites where participants bid on your brochure project, bargain brochure design websites, and professional brochure designers. Problems with the first three options are that the brochure design may not be unique to or appropriate for your company and that it may not look professional. Also, free templates, outsourcing, or bargain brochure websites may not be realistic options for more complex bound booklets or presentation folders. Our conclusion is that a professional brochure designer is worth the extra expense because he or she will use business skills, as well as design skills, to make you look good, help you stand out from your competition, and tell your story.

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