Logo Design In Porter TX

Logo Design is a passion of mine. I love the creative partnership with the client that results in just the right corporate branding. A brand that is legible and pleasing to the eye. An image that tells the story of that business’ product or service. I want the brand to capture the attention of the business’ target audience and teach it why that business is best among its competition.

Working with start-up companies, new companies, and entrepreneurs to design first-time logos is one of my specialties. I also enjoy working with established business owners whose products or services have changed — or maybe their target audience has changed over the years.

Why Choose Our Logo Design Services?

Some graphic designers keep the original file of the logo, which forces the customer to use them for repeat business. With my logos you own your logo and can use it however you want. I provide you with a number of different formats to begin with so that you have versions to use on the web or on a variety of printed materials.

I would love to work with you to create or revise your corporate branding. Let’s talk!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to design a logo?

I work within your timeframe. That means that we can complete the process within a few days to a week if absolutely necessary. However, we find that the best logos take a little while to get flavor and meaning. There is a subliminal component to really good logos that doesn’t always surface immediately. This is your branding and your company identification, so try not to rush it. 2-3 weeks for the whole process is best if you can spare that time.

How much does logo design cost?

Logo design from Treehouse Graphics is very affordable. We do have a baseline price which we can discuss when you submit a job for consideration.  But a more involved logo with some illustration is going to be more expensive than the usual cost.

How does the logo design process work?

Our logo design process is very much a collaborative effort with the client. The first step is finding out info on your company, what makes your company unique, who your target market is, and what your preferences are in terms of style, font, images and color. The next step is a page of preliminary designs for you to look at and tell us what you like and what you don’t like. Based on your feedback, a page of intermediates is created. By the third page we are honing in on a design that uniquely represents your company and tells your story.

Do I get to revise the design if I do not like it?

Yes — you are a huge part of the revision process! The whole goal is to get something you are happy with!

Who owns the rights to the logo design once completed?

When you have signed off on the logo we will send you multiple formats of the logo. You will own those and will not have to go through us to use your design for print, web or promotional products.

What else do I get besides the logo?
Our standard package is:
  • a set of various formats of the logo itself
  • a business card design
  • a social media version of the logo
  • Some clients like to add a set of logos with the colors reversed out, or a black-and-white version, etc.  Those are provided for a small extra charge, and can come in very handy when printing on certain backgrounds.