Digital Image Services In Porter TX

Digital Image Services

Caricatures and customized clip art can be effective attention-grabbers. Treehouse Graphic Design uses a blend of hand-drawing and computer techniques to create unique images for this purpose. From funny personal likenesses to more technical-type illustrations of patented products, this is something that your competitors will not have access to.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a caricature?
We do simplified graphic images for products or to use as icons. We also do mascots (an identifying character) and caricatures (funny portrayals of an individual or thing that exaggerate or distort prominent characteristics). 
How much does caricature design cost?
Prices for images, mascots and caricatures are based on the project. Please contact us for details on your special project. 
How am I involved in the caricature design process?
You will be very involved in the process, by providing photos and descriptions, and in feedback on the preliminaries.
How long does caricature design take?
Caricature design can take a little while. Our style is not the quick type — it is a form of portraiture. 
Can you do caricature design at private events?
No, we do not provide caricature at private events.