Discover More About Treehouse Graphic Design

I have over 35 years experience in the graphic design and illustration field. Over the years I have worked for other companies in 3 different industries:  space, medical and academia. And I have always done projects on the outside as well. Each has provided rich opportunity for growth and development which has helped shape the way for Treehouse Graphic Design.

I began in the art world in the space industry doing detailed technical ink drawings that were used in government papers, training manuals and slides while still creating some caricatures and logos on the side.

Next I worked in the medical industry for a large teaching hospital. I got to do a lot of medical illustration, displays for conferences, and some brochures and caricatures.

For a while on the side I was contracted to do pen and ink drawings of people’s homes and landscaping. I then added watercolor over the pen and ink.

Later I worked in another space-related company. This was when computers were coming on the scene for graphics. My job focused on more conceptual design and illustration here – related to the International Space Station development and to defense. I worked on marketing packages (including posters, banners, badges, tickets, promotional items, etc.). I supported the safety and ISO programs with pins and newsletters as well as produced the corporate newsletter and worked on numerous government proposals. Again, I also did illustration and caricature and specialty frame arrangements.

A year or so working at a university gave me the opportunity to do more marketing packages (CD cover, banner and invitation) and booklets, etc.

Treehouse Graphic Design began several years ago and have really enjoyed applying my experience to a range of projects, and working with a variety of wonderful people.

I love spending time with family and friends as well as enjoying nature, animals, gardening, writing, reading, movies, and golf.